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Healthy Halloween! — October 31, 2016

Healthy Halloween!

Wow! It’s been a while! Sorry for the lack of posts! It’s been a crazy busy time for us. We’ve had football games, a wedding, weather changes, job transitions, etc… lots going on!

With all of the busyness, we’ve gotten off-schedule and off of our plan. When we have a busy day, it’s so much easier to go get fast food for dinner rather than cooking a healthy meal at home. It was either go out for dinner, or eat the same chicken and rice every evening…. We knew we needed to do something different so we didn’t get bored with our food or take the quick option of fast food.

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Last weekend, we went to An Affair of the Heart craft show in Oklahoma City. There were vendors selling all kinds of products from clothes, to furniture, and to food. One of the booths was My Family Meal Planner. Initially, we just browsed as we walked by, but after a few minutes we thought this might be the answer for us!

My Family Meal Planner Light

Well, after looking through this book we decided to try it! The book is made up of calendars, recipes, and grocery lists. Each dinner is under 500 calories and feeds at least 4 people. The plan is for 4 meals per week for 52 weeks. Because there is just 2 of us, this plan gives us enough dinners for a whole week rather than just 4 days! Another neat this about this book is that it comes with a grocery list for each week. It’s organized by category so your trip to the store is more organized! Also, each recipe contains all of the nutritional values you need for calories, heart health, and diabetic purposes.


The picture above was our first meal: Crunchy Ranch Chicken with a side salad and a whole wheat roll. Looks good and tasted good too! This recipe was super simple and was very healthy too!

Nathan and I are both excited about how using this book will help keep us on track! We won’t get bored with our dinners and in turn, we won’t eat out as much.

Well, I think we’re going to carve pumpkins soon so everyone enjoy your night trick-or-treating, passing out candy, or eating candy! 🙂

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Baking and Accountability — September 15, 2016

Baking and Accountability

It’s Wednesday night and I’m excited to share a recipe with you!

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I love to bake and make desserts because it’s such a good way to de-stress! Plus, you get some delicious results! The only problem is that desserts and losing weight don’t really go hand-in-hand…. until now!

Luscious Cheesecake Pudding Pie

You can find the original recipe in the link above, but here is my modified version:

1 ready-to-use graham cracker crumb crust
1-1/2 cups cold milk
1 pkg. Jell-O Sugar Free Cheesecake Flavor Instant Pudding
1 pkg. Jell-O Sugar Free White Chocolate Flavor Instant Pudding
2 cups thawed Lite Cool Whip Whipped Topping

Pour milk into large bowl. Add dry pudding mixes. Beat with wire whisk 2 minutes or until well blended. (Mixture will be thick.) Gently stir in whipped topping. Spoon into crust.
Refrigerate 3 hours or until set. Store leftover pie in refrigerator.

That’s it! So fast and so easy! With the pie crust I used (Walmart’s Great Value brand) and the sugar free Jell-O and the lite Cool Whip, 1/8 of this pie is only 267 calories. Not bad for a dessert!

Image result for it's not a diet it's a lifestyle

I think this is a super important thing to remember! Dieting is a short-term way to get results, but as soon as you stop your diet then you’ll start gaining weight again. If you accept this as a new lifestyle, then it becomes a daily routine and a permanent direction towards your weight goals! Now, nobody is perfect! Nathan and I recently had some cheat meals and got off track, but we’re back on our healthy paths again! It really helps to have someone there for you when you’re trying to stick with your new lifestyle!

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It helps having a workout partner too! So thankful that my friend, Legend, has been waking up early to go to the gym with me this month! We both have goals and we’re going to reach them together!

Enjoy your cheesecake, find an accountability partner or a gym buddy, and reach your goals!


So Sorry! — September 3, 2016

So Sorry!

Friends, family, and followers!

I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted for a while! Nathan and I were just talking about how the last few weeks have been a total blur! We had fall camp for football at SWOSU, doctor’s appointments, family in town, an expo, and just life stuff!

Celebrate summer with Costes! #COSTESTRAVEL #COSTESFASHION #BRAINYDAYS @michellekluit x @costesfashion:

Ok so we finally made it to Friday! Oh and it’s a holiday weekend too! Does anybody have plans for Labor Day?  We’re going to be enjoying some time off from work and football… maybe we’ll sleep in!

Ok. So, not entirely but each day would start so happier if I didn't have to be jolted awake by that thing.:

So although sleeping in is going to be great, I don’t want to sleep the whole weekend away! It’s already September and I have plans for growing my business over the next few days! There have been some more people who joined our team in August and I’m so excited that our team is growing! They are going to see some awesome results and I’m so happy that I get to be a part of it!

I will make it a #September to remember. How bout you? What's your game plan?:

What are your goals for September? Do any of your goals include:

  • losing weight
  • losing inches
  • taking care of your body
  • eating healthier
  • earning another income?

I would love to help you accomplish one or all of these goals this month! Nathan and I are both accomplishing all of these things! We’re doing this as a team and we would love to have you join us!

Ok I'm looking for people to join me on this amazing journey! If you love makeup and you are looking for some extra cash, an amazing group of people to work with, and a job that allows you to work from your couch and play online then you need to message me today!:

Do you have any questions about It Works? Are you skeptical? Are you curious? Is there something you’ve been wanting to know? Ask me! One of the main reasons I signed up for It Works was to help other people!

Ok so start thinking of questions and send them my way! I’d love to help you get started towards a lighter, thinner, healthier, more confident you this September!





Mind Over Matter — August 9, 2016

Mind Over Matter

Does your alarm ever go off and you have that all-to-familiar internal struggle where you try to convince yourself that getting up and heading to the gym is going to be good for you while the other half of your brain tells you that your bed will never feel as comfortable as it does at this moment?

Yeah that definitely happened this morning to me! This weekend, my mom and sister came through Weatherford. They were heading to Missouri where my sister attends college. We don’t see each other very often so naturally we stayed up late both evenings they were in town. Waking up at 5 a.m. is hard enough for me, but it was even harder after having stayed up later than usual!

This quote pretty much sums up working out for me! It’s a daily, conscious decision that has to be made. When you feel like staying in bed, just remember that you can do it.

This is another great reminder! Sometimes it’s easy to compare yourself to other people, especially when you’re doing a group workout. It’s so important remember that you are working towards an achievable goal. There is an end result that you are aiming for, but your goal is not the same as someone else’s. Compete with yourself and not the “perfect”person in your class.

This one backs up my title for today. You can only accomplish what you believe you can accomplish. You have to encourage yourself or you won’t be able to go as far as you want. Your goals are within reach if you really believe you can get there!

Part of having yourself in the right mindset is preparation. If you think of the tools and resources that you’ll need to accomplish your goals, then you’re so much more likely to  truly believe in your own success. My mind is on a path to help me achieve my goals because it has thought through what I need: I bought healthy foods for the week, I’ve signed up for a workout class, I set my alarm for 5 a.m. so I can get to my class, I write these posts for accountability, I downloaded the Lose It app to track my calories, I signed up to order and share It Works supplements and wraps, and I have a partner (Nathan) who keeps me on the path to success.

That quote is my day to a tee! I woke up determined to work hard (even though I was tired and my bed was calling to me!) and now I’m going to be able to go to bed satisfied that I stayed on the path to reaching my goals.

Hope you all had a great Monday and lets do it again tomorrow!

– Rachel

My “Why” — August 7, 2016

My “Why”

Earlier this week, I was part of an It Works training session with my teammates Heather Heinrichs and Alissa Wyatt. Alissa is the one who introduced me to It Works and who is helping me grow this business! One of the key things that she told us was to find our “why”. She told us to think about the reasons behind jumping into this business and to share what keeps us going after it each day.

I’ve been thinking about my “why” for the last few days and I think it’s more powerful if I share it!

The first reason that I started with It Works was for me. I was in a place where I wasn’t happy with my weight. I had let myself get out of shape and become heavier than I have ever been in my life. I wanted to get my healthy body back and find my self-confidence again. I knew that to reach my weight and health goals, it would take a commitment from me. This commitment would take time, money, and self-discipline, but it was worth it for me to be happy in my own skin again.

The next reason I signed up for It Works was to help others. I knew that by committing to a healthy lifestyle, I could reach other people who were just starting their journeys as well. I felt that using my words and my story could be a source of encouragement to others. Writing a blog and sharing quotes can be helpful, but being able to present the products that are helping me reach my goals can have an even bigger impact! I’m on this It Works adventure for me, but I’m also doing it for others!

The third reason that I signed up for It Works is for the financial benefits. Now, I’m not planning on turning this into my full-time job or quitting my current job tomorrow; I’m using It Works as an extra source of income. We have student loans, medical bills, random expenses, etc. We’re just like most 20-somethings who are starting to be able to save for their futures, but who are still getting themselves established. I’m hoping that through hard work, It Works will give us an extra income that will help support us while Nathan finishes graduate school, while we pay off student loans, while we buy new tires for my vehicle, while we save for moving to another state, while we start saving for a baby…

My “why” is many things, but it fuels what I do. It keeps me going every day when I get up early to go to a workout or when I stay up late watching It Works training videos. I’m not just doing this “for fun.” I’ve got a plan and I know what I’m working for.

Nathan’s a huge supporter of my goals. He knows that I’m working hard and he encourages me every step of the way. He’s totally on board with It Works and now he’s a distributor as well! I’ve said it before, but we are definitely a team!


We’re so excited about this journey so far! We hope you’ll join us!


So Thankful — August 3, 2016

So Thankful

It’s been a few days since my last post! I’m still alive, I promise! 🙂

I had some setbacks this weekend due to health issues. It’s kind of frustrating how it’s not predictable. Some days are good and some days are not. Lately, I’ve had more good days than bad which I’m super thankful for!

Free Thankful Quote Printable from Mommyish: Credit: Mommyish Graphic Design

The past two mornings (Monday and Tuesday), I’ve done something I wasn’t sure I could do….I went to a Fit Camp and worked out at 5:30 AM! AM everyone! I honestly didn’t know if my body could 1. Handle getting up that early 2. Complete workouts after being sick. It’s Tuesday night and I’m tired and sore, but I’m not sick and I was able to finish the workouts!

It's always good to take a moment to say, #Thanks.: Credit: Heart Love Always

Now to some of you, you might be thinking “oh getting up early is easy” or “I work out every day and it’s not hard.” That is great for you! I’m happy that you can accomplish these things easily! For me, these are two HUGE accomplishments! I’m so excited to know that I’m able to do these things and that I can still continue my week without have negative consequences!

Tomorrow is August 3rd and that marks 1 month of committing myself to a healthier lifestyle . I’m eating healthy foods, staying in my calorie budget, and working out regularly. I saw results at the beginning of my journey and now I’m seeing even more positive results. I’m determined to make this a permanent lifestyle change rather than just a phase!

I’m hoping that this post is encouraging to you. I hope you read this and say to yourself “you know what? I can do this too!” If you’re thinking this, then you’re right! If I can do it, then you can too!

#positive #life #quotes:


Setbacks and Opportunities — July 29, 2016

Setbacks and Opportunities

The past three weeks, Nathan and I have been really consistent with our workouts and our eating habits. We’ve been making progress towards our goals and it felt like nothing was going to stop us.

Today, I hit a roadblock.

In one of my earlier posts, I shared how my auto-immune disease can sometimes hold me back. I shared some of my symptoms and how it affects what I can do. Today was the first day in 3 weeks that I physically could not get to the gym.

Now my first thoughts were to just say “well forget trying to be healthy today” or “let’s order pizza for dinner since I’m upset.” These were things that I used to do when I would have a sick day. I used to let my symptoms control the rest of my health and any future results. The problem with this way of thinking is that I was letting something I couldn’t control dictate my future.

"Do something today that your future self will thank you for" by becca cahan:  Credit: Becca Cahan

So…. I took the above quote to heart! Instead of dwelling on the fact that I couldn’t make it to the gym or that I couldn’t control my symptoms, I chose to do something else for me! Today I stayed within my calorie goals and didn’t eat according to my emotions. This evening, I spent time working on my It Works business. I watched inspirational videos from leaders in the company. I contacted friends and family to tell them more about the products that are available. I did research on the top selling products.  I made some decisions regarding marketing and advertising. All of these things contributed to our new healthy lifestyle even though I couldn’t lift weights.

Don't wait for opportunity. Create it. success_quotes winner motivational_quotes inspirational_quotes opportunity_quotes success quotes:

I’m taking advantage of the opportunities given to me instead of focusing on the things I can’t control. I’m working on turning It Works in another income for us so we can have more financial freedom. I’m choosing to become the best version of myself. I’m pushing myself to reach my goals.

Set goals!  Crush 'em!  #goals #motivation #inspiration:

Does anyone else want to take advantage of the opportunities in front of them? Does anyone else want to develop another income for their family? Does anyone else want to be the best version of themselves?

Does anyone else want to jump in with me?




21 Days to Make a Habit — July 27, 2016

21 Days to Make a Habit

You all have probably heard the following saying:

This is definitely true for us! Yesterday marked the successful completion of 21 days of healthy living for the Butlers! We’ve been able to lift weights, run laps, complete tempo runs, meet our Fitbit step goals, stay within our calorie budgets, cook healthy foods, and make good choices at restaurants. We’ve both lost pounds and inches. We’re 21 days into our new lifestyle and we’re feeling great!

I’ve said this previously, but healthy living is a lifestyle. It’s a choice that you have to make each and every day. Nathan and I used to hate going to the gym in the evenings, but now we look forward to the time we get to spend together making ourselves stronger. In a world where there are fast food restaurants on every corner and incredibly affordable meals on a dollar menu, it can be hard to make the weekly (sometimes bi-weekly or daily!) trip to the grocery store to select the more expensive produce and other healthy options. When you’re working on a lifestyle change and making these decisions for your health, you’re in it for the long run! The choices you make today will affect your future, so make good ones!

It’s almost the end of July… Are you ready to jump in and start August with a determination to be healthy?

You can’t put a price tag on your health or how you feel about yourself. There are so many tools that can help you reach your goals, but our favorite is the collection of It Works products! They range from skin exfoliating serums, to daily fruits/veggies drinks, to skin tightening wraps. Most of these items can easily fit into your budget when you replace your “eating out” budget with something that will be better for your future!

Nathan and I are so happy with how we’re feeling, our results, and our new lifestyle! Contact me if you’re ready to start this journey!



Team Butler — July 25, 2016

Team Butler


It’s been a little while since my last post because I’ve been pretty busy! Being busy is good though especially when you can still keep up with your health plan!

Nathan and I just got back this afternoon from a weekend in Kansas! We had a great time visiting Nathan’s grandparents, great aunts and uncles, great grandma, and other extended family! We enjoyed hearing stories, seeing where they grew up, learning more about the family, and just catching up!

Nathan and I love going on vacations and especially roadtrips!

365 Lettering Project (January) by Noel Shiveley, via Behance: Credit: Noel Shiveley

For Nathan and I, staying committed to our eating plan is usually very hard when we’re not at home. We usually come up with excuses for why it’s ok to eat junk food or not make healthy choices. We use the “we’ll start on Monday” mentality on the weekends. That was not the case on this trip!

On this trip, Nathan and I paid attention to what we ate, logged our food on the Lose It app, and made smart choices even when the family went to a buffet!

Our success this weekend was directly related to our support for each other and the support that our family gave us. Our family was mindful of our health goals and they encouraged us to make the healthy choices while we were there.

Encourage each other and build each other up.: Credit: DaySpring

Living a healthy lifestyle is exactly that: a lifestyle. Without the support of other people in your life, it’s going to be hard to get through each day! I definitely could not have made it through the weekend without slipping up on my eating if it had not been for Nathan and his family!

If you’re on a health journey and you don’t have a support system, please contact me! I want to be there to help just like others are there for me! It’s a step-by-step journey and I’ll walk it with you!





Motivational Monday — July 19, 2016

Motivational Monday

Hey everyone!

Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated on Mondays. I know that I always want to sleep in on Monday morning and also skip my workout in the evening. It’s a common feeling, but one that definitely needs to be broken! I thought I’d share some of my favorite inspirational and motivational quotes to get you pumped up for the rest of the week!

50 Fitness Motivation Quotes For Your Motivation Board | A Merry Life:

I love how this one keeps it in perspective. Just one thing at a time!


Looking for similar Pins? Follow me!

It’s not necessarily how far you go, or how much you lift, but it’s just about doing it for you!

Daily Motivation | theBERRY | Inspiration:

So true! When it’s difficult, you feel so much better about your accomplishment!

"Start each day with a grateful heart..." #blessed #fulfilled:

This one is such a great reminder! It’s great to have things to work towards and goals, but we also need to remember all of the blessings we already have!

Arts and Classy | Diy home decorating on a budget:

This one really speaks to me. I want other people to see how I get through my disease each day, how I go to work and help provide for my family, how I push myself at the gym, and how I made the decision to start a side business too!

I think I’ll be changing the lock screen on my phone to this quote! It’s going to help me remember to be there for other people and to keep going no matter what.

Are you struggling to get motivated to work out, eat healthy, or jump in to this crazy It Works thing? Do you need some encouragement to get started?

Please comment on this post, use my contact page, send me a message on Facebook, or text me! I would love to give you some encouragement or answer any questions that you might have about going after your goals!

Be A GOAL Digger! What great things will I attempt for God? What great things will I expect from Him?: