It’s the end of the weekend, but I hope you all had a great couple of days!

Yesterday, Nathan coached a football camp here at SWOSU in the morning. They’ve been having great turn outs this year which is so exciting for the program! While Nathan was working on the field, I worked at home building my It Works business! I spent time researching the products, watching videos, filling out strategies, and just getting myself more excited about this opportunity!

Speaking of opportunities….

When you sign up as a new distributor between now and July 22, you’ll receive a second box of wraps in your Business Builder Kit for free! That’s a really great deal! Let me know if you think this is something you’re interested in!

Ok, back to the weekend!


How delicious does our lunch look? 🙂 We drove to Oklahoma City yesterday and went to one of our favorite restaurants: BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse. They have an awesome “EnLIGHTened” menu that features lower calorie options that are still super yummy! Nathan ordered the Bison Burger and I got the Asian Salad!

It was so nice being able to go out to eat at a restaurant while still sticking with our weight loss plan! It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle!

This morning was church and fellowship! We were able to spend time growing in God’s Word by studying about King David and then we were able to enjoy good conversation with our friends!

This afternoon, I spent a lot of time connecting with people to tell them more about It Works. I’m hoping that I get other people excited about these products!


Yes, another salad : ) For dinner, we made salads at home with crockpot chicken. Nathan LOVES Ranch dressing, but I used Skinny Girl Balsamic Vinaigrette.

Tonight is more It Works training so that I can learn more about the products and how to effectively communicate with other people!

Right now is a great time to jump in and become a distributor or to try the products for 90 days at my price! Let me know if you have any questions about which products might help you or how you can turn it into a business!