Eating healthy and losing weight can be time-consuming every day, but we found something that really helps!

One of the best tools that we’ve found for eating healthy is the Lose It app.

You start by plugging in your weight, age, gender, etc. and then choosing your desired goal weight. Then you select how much weight you want to lose per week: 1, 1.5, or 2 pounds per week. The main difference between these selections is the amount of calories that will be given in your daily budget. Currently, my daily calorie budget is 1500 calories.

To keep track of your calories, all you need to do is scan the barcode on your desired food and choose your serving size. You can also search by restaurant if you’re eating out to find your meal in the app. So many foods surprised me when I really looked at the amount of calories in a serving and also what an actual serving size was!

This app has really helped me keep track of what I’m putting in my body and also what foods fill me up the best! I’ve found that saving some extra calories for after dinner is super helpful for when I’m feeling hungry right before bed because it’s hard to sleep when your stomach is growling!

If you decide to try the Lose It app, give it some time! At first you’ll feel really hungry each day because your stomach will need to get used to the decrease in calories. After a few days of sticking to your calorie budget, it will be so much easier so don’t be discouraged!

That’s it for tonight because I’ve got some more things to do before our garage sale in the morning!


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