Happy Thursday!

Today we were given the opportunity to help clean out an old house.


The original owner had passed away and the new owner needed help to get it all cleaned out and ready for remodeling. The project took way longer than we anticipated and ended up eating up our gym time… but we were able to take advantage of this “active rest.” Nathan helped move boxes, household items, and structural materials for several hours and I was able to help when I got home from work. This was a great way for our muscles to recover after leg day, but still get some exercise!

The new owner of the house didn’t want to keep any of the items from the house so in addition to active rest we also got a bunch of treasures!


We were already planning on having a garage sale this weekend, so the addition of all of the plates, vases, and cups was great! If you’re in Weatherford, Oklahoma this Saturday stop by and see us!

Good night!


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