It’s July 4th! Happy Independence Day! I’m excited to start this new journey and to have you follow along with me! Yesterday, I became a distributor for ItWorks. This company offers health and wellness products that I am hoping are going to help me with my weight loss goals. If you’re interested in trying the products too, check out my page:

Since today is the beginning of my fresh start, my husband and I began our day with a healthy breakfast.

Eggs with salsa, coffee with creamer, and half of a banana on the side. Yum! This breakfast is only 205 calories so I’ll still be able to enjoy the 4th of July food later today!

After breakfast, we took our dog (Paisley) for a walk around the SWOSU campus.


She loves being outside and immediately starts jumping around when we ask if she “wants to go for a w-“… we don’t usually even get to finish the word “walk”!

After we finished walking with Paisley, we let her cool off in the A/C while we went to the football field on campus for tempo runs.


Tempo runs are great for us because you can easily reach your goal of 10 runs while still getting cardio in for the day. We run 50 yards, then walk 50 yards 10 times to complete the set.

This was the start of our first day of getting on track to live a more healthy lifestyle! We’ve ordered an ItWorks Cleanse for each of us to help start our weight loss. I also signed up as a distributor for ItWorks so that I can share the other products that they have with others! There are so many to choose from so I’m going to start trying them and sharing my reviews. Here is a link to all of the products that they offer:

I hope that you all have a great 4th of July and that you decide to follow me on my journey to be healthier!